Facial Rejuvenation

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What you need to know about Dermacycling:

First principle: Trauma vs. Healing…

· Trauma = triggers the healing response for increased formation of
collagen & elastin. It speeds up the skin renewal process to give you
new skin.

· Healing & Nourishing = feeds and builds new collagen & elastin
to beautify your skin.

Second principle: Sebaceous Glands Balancing…

· Correct Oily Skin with Oils = Normalization

· Correct Dry Skin with Drying of the Skin = Normalization

If you remove the sebum from the skin surface, you stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. This is exactly what you do if you use a skin care line designed for oily skin. If you add oil and/or moisture to the skin, you shut down the sebaceous glands and they stop producing sebum. This is exactly what you do if you use a skin care line designed for dry skin. In other words, under all the oil and moisture, your skin is getting drier and drier. If you constantly remove the oils, you get increasingly oilier. You get premature aging of the skin just by over-stimulating or under-stimulating the sebaceous glands.


Knutek’s products and regimens are designed to neither stimulate nor shutdown the sebaceous glands. Instead, Knutek’s products and regimens are designed to balance sebum formation the way nature intended.

Why is sebum so important?

· It is the best moisturizer and conditioner!

· Sebum is released from the bottom of the pores to help evacuate/clean the pores by pushing the impurities, bacteria, fungus and dead skin cells out.

· Provides an acid mantel for the surface of the skin to prevent bacteria and fungus from entering into the skin and blood stream.

Third principle: Oxygenation vs. Moisturization…

· Day time regimen = Trauma or Healing and Moisturization.

· Night time regimen = Oxygenation and Balancing of the Skin.


You should only use a moisturizer on the skin during the daytime to protect, feed and add moisture. You should not use any moisturizer during the nighttime to balance sebaceous glands for proper sebum release, and to allow the skin to breath. Moisturization is a cosmetic, not a treatment. It will only give a temporary reduction in lines and wrinkles. It may even increase lines and wrinkles if used excessively. Oxygen is by far the most important nourishment for skin health.

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