Get SculptIce and Wood Therapy Today at Spa Virtue in Toms River, NJ

SCULPTICE is a new, innovative and 100% natural way to sculpt the body. SCULPTICE uses a combination of Reductive Massage Techniques by placing a frozen composite of over 2 dozen herbs and essential oils to the skin, and a deep tissue Wood Therapy massage to breakdown fat and fibrous cellulite. Want lipo-like results without the pokes and prods? Give this one a try!

Questions? Allow me to explain.

What is it?

Yes, it’s a bar of ice. Made up of organic herbs, tonics and nutrients that promote fatty deposit combustion.

Yeah, but how?

This therapy is also known as “Herbal Ice Therapy”. This treatment relies on the benefits of thermogenesis. When the body goes into thermogenesis, heat us generated inside of the body, causing it to naturally BURN FAT.

So you’re going to massage me with a block of ice?

Yes we are! Using deep tissue massage techniques to break down fat and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

What does it feel like?

In the beginning you will feel cold, but after about 10 minutes the body will start the combustion of fat, and the body temperature will raise to normal. THANK YOU THERMOGENESIS!

When does the Wood Therapy come into play?

Once the bar of SCULPTICE melts, you rinse off in the shower and then you make your way to the massage table where we use deep tissue massage techniques to break down the fat and cellulite. This massage will loosen tight muscles, stimulate lymphatic drainage and eliminate toxins, speed metabolism, break down cellulite and burn fat, and tone and tighten the skin.

Most guests see results in just the first treatment! Give us a call with any other questions you may have! Special packages available!