Spa Amenities

Spa Amenities

All amenities are complimentary to our VIP Club members!

Infrared Heat

Just ten minutes on the Whole Body Vibration machine can give you the benefits of one hour at the gym, and promoting detoxification by helping your lymphatic system work more efficiently!  Causing involuntary muscle contractions through vibration and oscillation technology, Whole Body Vibration has also been proven to improve bone density by increasing the flow of oxygenated blood and infusing it directly into skeletal tissues. 


Sit back and relax in the tropical dry heat as your worries melt away.  Spending just thirty minutes in the Infrared Heat Sauna helps to relieve muscle aches due to stress, arthritis, and repetitive motion, with the added benefits of burning up to six hundred calories, promoting your immune system, and bettering skin elasticity.

Whole Body Vibrations

Step into the enveloping mists of an aromatherapy infused Steam Shower to help promote healthy lung function.  With an array of essential oils to choose from, this exclusive experience is the perfect relief for allergy sufferers, those looking to invigorate their minds, and anyone looking to relax. 

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