Styku Body Scanner

Get accurate, in-depth body composition analysis in seconds!

Styku body scanner lets you begin your wellness journey with a clear picture of your current body composition, including weight, measurements, body fat percentage, and more. Knowing where you are will make it easier to set goals and track your progress along the way.

Why Styku?

Styku 3D body scanner doesn’t rely on Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA) like other body scanners. Instead, it uses multiple infrared scans to form a virtual 3D model of your body in just seconds.

Styku uses a complex equation originating from scan comparisons done with DEXA scans. DEXA scans provide the most accurate picture of the body’s composition, making it easier to access than a CAT scan. In tests where participants got  DEXA body composition and Styku circumference scans to determine predicted body fat percentage. The comparisons revealed correlations between the two.

styku body scanner

What Does This Mean For You?

A Styku body scan gives you a body composition result that’s comparable to those provided by a DEXA scan. However, Styku is more affordable, doesn’t require a prescription, and takes only 35 seconds to complete.

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What To Expect

To prepare for your Styku 3D body scan, you will need to wear form-fitting clothing. Loose clothing can reduce the accuracy of your scan. Long hair must be off your neck and back, and shoes and socks removed. You will stand on the Styku turntable with an integrated medical-grade scale while holding your arms straight and to the side at a 45-degree angle from your body. You will remain in this position as the turntable does a complete 360-degree rotation. 

Styku will generate a detailed report that you can use to plan a strategy to achieve your wellness goals. We will review it with you and provide you with a copy via email.

Tape measures and weight scales often fail to give you an accurate picture of your progress. Periodic body scans allow you to precisely track your progress.

Benefits of Styku


Styku provides hundreds of body measurements. It is 76% more accurate than an expert tailor and best-in-class for accuracy as opposed to other 3D body scanners.


A Styku body scan gives you a 360-degree view of your body that a mirror can never provide. It helps you to see which areas to target with diet or exercise.


Styku provides an analysis of your shape, including your profile, silhouette, and waist-to-hip ratio, allowing you to clearly identify shape asymmetries.


As your wellness journey progresses, periodic scans give you a complete overview of that progress that a tape measure or weight scale can’t provide.


Styku provides consistent results comparable to traditional methods, such as calipers, BIA, and possibly even DEXA scans (currently under scientific review).


Styku body scans can reveal and track the risk of obesity-related diseases using waist circumference, waist-to-hip ratio, and body fat.


Styku provides multiple insights into your specific body composition, allowing you to achieve goals such as weight loss based on target weight, burn rate, and activity level.


Styku is the only 3D body scanner that uses gender and age-based data to set fat-loss goals. It’s also the only scanner with built-in Health Screens for obesity-related diseases.

Think Styku could be the first step to achieving your wellness goals?

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