Spa Virtue in Toms River, NJ is Completely Different

At our Spa Virtue here in Toms River, NJ we sometime get asked, “Does my Technician make commission for this?” And our response is no. Absolutely not. We bet this makes you think “How can that be possible? How do thy make any money”? If you’ve have ever been a guest at our Spa Virtue here in Toms River, NJ you will notice that we are unlike any Spa place anywhere else. Because as soon as you walk in, our staffs smiling faces, who are truly eager to make sure that, wonderfully greet you you have the best experience possible at our Spa. You’ll even notice our team members working in perfect unity, in order to stay on schedule and make sure that your day here at Spa Virtue is more than enjoyable.

Are you ready for this? We do not pay commission. Not on the treatments and defiantly not on the retail recommendations. So some times, you’ll walk into a spa and are immediately bombarded with someone that is trying to “sell” you something. We don’t like that feeling either! Our system here at Spa Virtue is completely different. It will allow you to feel more welcomed, encourage you to enjoy yourself and also helps promotes relaxation. Spa Virtue in Toms River, NJ only recommends the best products that are meant to customize the fit your specific needs. The team members here at Spa Virtue also use the products, as a better way to inform and help educate you on the best care possible.

Lastly, by compensating with our team members on what is known as “Team Based Pay”, this allows us to function efficiently as a team and to be more flexible for out guests. Let’s say you can’t get in with your “regular tech” or maybe you just want to try someone completely different? Go for it! We completely do not mind at all. We want our guests to feel the experience the time with all of our technicians. This will make it possible for our guests to find out what works for them, so that we can do our very best to make them happy!