Owned and operated since 2005, Spa Virtue began in a one thousand square foot facility offering only body wraps. Almost 15 years later, we have evolved into a spa that offers the most innovative body and beauty treatments available including massage, skin care, body sculpting, pain management, and stress management. We pride ourselves on the extensive knowledge that our team has regarding the treatments that we provide to our guests and their ability to customize treatment plans based on a guest’s needs and concerns. 

At Spa Virtue, we are looking for those unicorns out there that thrive in a collaborative environment. We are a team dedicated to our guests and to each other.  We are proud to say that many of our team members have been with us for many years and have seen this business be built from the bottom up. Spa Virtue is a place that allows you to not only grow professionally but also personally with the help of an army of people who have your best interest at heart. We pride ourselves on the integrity of our team and the unconditional support we give to one another in the workplace. We value cohesiveness over competition, altruism over self-interest, and positivity over toxicity. 

Spa Virtue has an extensive training program for new hires and promotes constant continued education. We feel that stability is important to have happy, motivated team members so we provide stable income, hours and expectations. 

Employment opportunities

Here at Spa Virtue, we offer Team-Based pay to maintain the cohesive environment that we have created and ensure that our team is getting paid for any time that they are at the spa. Team-Based pay creates a more positive atmosphere and allows our guests to feel comfortable experiencing each technician, as we all have different skills and strengths. To learn more about our compensation program, visit “What Makes Us Different” under the “About Us” tab on our website to see how Team-Based pay not only benefits us but our guests as well.